Jungle Garden Slide (17ft x 12ft) £60.00

A real children's favorite. This Jungle Inflatable slide with it's great artwork is fun for both boys and girls as it provides hours of enjoyment and is more fun that your average garden slide. With it's easy to climb soft foam steps to it's platform, it's not too high for small children but big enough for a great fun slide down.

With it's high sided enclosed area at the top of the slide it makes it safer for children to use. This slide has been designed at only 7.5ft high to platform, 12ft wide and 17ft long to fit perfectly into most halls and back gardens. Kids will be up and down this slide all day long.


  • Suitable for both boys & girls age 3-12 years.

  • Theme suitable for all events.

  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

  • Long Slide.

  • Great earner at Fund raising events .

Jungle Garden  Slide Size

Height  -3.65m (12.0')   

Length - 4.90m (17.0')

Width - 3.50m (12.0')

Extra space is required around the sides and at the back for the blower.  














Enough space at the front for the children to access the Slide safely.

The castle cannot be setup outside on concrete, over a path, stones, bark wood chippings, any sharp objects, car park or a public place.

If you are not sure on the size needed or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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